MonoFilm JIB
MonoFilm JIB
Plastic Monofilm JIB (does not include a bag)
Price: 130.00
illusion post card x 5
illusion post card x 5
Illusion post card painting by Heather Grey-Newton - FREE DELIVERY
Price: 5.00
Illusion Jib
Development 18 includes a sail bag
Price: 220.00

Jib Bag
Price: 15.00
Illusion Mainsail
Illusion Mainsail
Development 14 includes sail bag (please e mail us your sail Number)
Price: 245.00
Illusion Spinnaker
Illusion Spinnaker
white spinnaker latest design with sail bag
Price: 155.00

Spinnaker with colour choice
Your choice of colour
Price: 190.00
illusion STICKY KIT
performance sticky back Dacron pre cut to fit an illusion (see page for details)
Price: 8.00
sail postage
post to UK at cost of carriage only, this is a one off costs you dont need to buy it twice if you order two sails at once.. all sails are delivered to Bembridge free.
Price: 19.50


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